User Experience is important

If you take a moment whilst out in Shrewsbury, or any Town for that matter, and actually watch people and how they behave whilst going about their business you will not help but notice a significant percentage of people on their Smartphones either using an app or browsing the web.

This is happening everywhere and is by no means unique to Shropshire and is something that Search Engines such as Google have not missed…

Few facts about Searches…

  • Over 60% of local searches performed on Google are now on Smartphones and this number is growing all the time
  • Google has for sometime adopted a Mobile first approach for indexing and ranking webpage content but are rapidly moving towards a Mobile Only approach
  • Voice Search ‘Okay Google’ has come on significantly in the last couple of years and looks set to be the next big frontier for searches

Is my website mobile friendly?

So the questions you should be asking yourself are… Is my website mobile friendly? Is my website optimized properly?

If your site is not mobile friendly, is not responsive, then you will have undoubtedly noticed a drop in visitors to your site, a drop in visitors means a drop in possible revenue. If you are not sure how well your site behaves then try this free tool from Google to see how your site works.

However, even if your site is responsive and looks nice on your mobile, or tablet, is it optimized properly. If you consider that people on the move will likely be using data roaming for their connection then it is essential that your website loads in nice and fast and gets your message across quickly which increases the likelihood of them engaging in your products and services.

User Experience counts

Google is looking and measuring the user experience of visitors as part of their ranking process for your webpages so if they are not working properly on Mobile or are not optimized properly for any reason then this can cause problems in how they appear in search results.

We at Zest Internet have been building responsive websites for some years and would be happy to rebuild your site so that it will work well on all devices including Smartphones and is optimized for search engines.

Why not give us a call here at Zest Internet to see how we can help you get your site working properly and help boast page ranking.

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