Site Performance and the effects on Ranking

It has never been more important to make sure your website is performing properly. If your site is suffering from poor loading speeds or lacks support for mobile devices then these issues will have a significant impact on how your site appears in search results.

Slow loading Pages

The causes behind poor performance can vary from site to site and can be anything from excessive use of images that are not optimized properly to something more serious such as a badly designed layout. Solutions such as WordPress can introduce further issues including poorly optimized theme’s or plugins not behaving properly.

If your website is running slow then now is the time to consider a check up, we at Zest Internet will be only to happy to take a look for you.

Works on All Devices

Its official, Google is now giving priority to site’s that work on Mobile Devices. If you have seen your page ranking drop at the beginning of this year, spring 2015, and your site is not optimized for Mobile then this will most likely be the reason.

If your site does not work well on all devices, from Smartphones to Desktops, then this is something that will need to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

We can help you ensure your site works well on all devices, yet still preserve your brand identity and content.

Why not give us a call here at Zest Internet to see how we can help you get your site working properly and ensure it works on all devices.