Mobile Apps an essential part of Marketing your Business

The way we search and consume information online has always been in a state of transformation especially since the introduction of Smartphones. Many websites are seeing a steady increase in traffic coming from these devices with typically over 77% of potential consumers now using the internet via their Smartphone.

This trend started to make a significant difference back in 2014 yet even now in 2017 there are still many business websites that are simply not optimized to take advantage of this relentless march to Mobile.

However, technology is not waiting for everyone to catch up and we are now seeing further changes even within the number of Smartphone users. The traditional SEO techniques whilst still very much valid, are no longer be enough for possible consumers to engage with your brand.

Apps increasing in popularity

Mobile Apps are nothing new, they have been available since the introduction of the Smartphone, but recent statistics show that the total time spent using Mobile Apps have seen a significant increase of 21% for App usage, exceeding similar activities on the Desktop. And another interesting fact is that one in five users on the internet are now making the transition from Web Browsing to using Mobile App’s.

This increase should seriously make you consider introducing Mobile Apps as part of your Marketing strategy.

This shift is further substantiated when you consider that it is becoming increasingly difficult to monetize a website in certain sectors despite how well your site may be performing in search results, your SERP.

Apps, a captive audience

The key to effective monetization is retention which is something that has always been difficult to control with a traditional website. However with an App this is not an issue as your consumers have already engaged with your brand directly taking the time to install the App on their Smartphone. They key therefore is usage.

You have a captive audience where you have control over what your consumers see and engage with including promotions and advertising!

Monitoring the Performance

Monitoring your Apps performance is not difficult and can be done using just three steps which are Discovery, Engagement and Result. These steps are nothing new and are at the foundation of any marketing exercise and can be applied as follows…

  • Discovery, how do consumers find your App.
    The App stores all offer statistics showing you how many people have installed your App, where they are from geographically and what device they’re using
  • Engagement. How are consumers using your App?
    This is trickier to monitor and depends on your App but something to consider is that regularly active consumers of your App are more likely to return to your website
  • Results, this can be monitored via an increase in monetization through exposure to advertising, sales and other services you may offer.

This method is something that is being used all the time for monitoring marketing effectiveness on Websites, Social Media etc and these techniques can easily be applied directly for monitoring the performance of your App.

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