Heartbleed Vulnerability

The internet is on our desks and in our pockets, it plays such an important part of our daily lives being used for shopping, entertainment and even our healthcare.

Yet this week we have been reminded that the very service to which we rely is vulnerable to possible exploitation on a staggering scale.

Heartbleed is a bug that has been identified in the OpenSSL cryptographic software library which is used by thousands of Webservers across the world and, whilst it is not a virus or attack, it can be used to gain access to protected information and data during, seemingly, normal internet usage.

OpenSSL is just one of the many solutions available that provides security between you and the website you are sharing your personal information with such as banking, email, ecommerce, social media and private network access.

Websites that use SSL are easily identified by the HTTPS in the address and, on some browsers, the padlock that appears in address bar.

This vulnerability has been responsible for considerable confusion across the internet with some experts saying that the vulnerability has already been exploited and others saying there is no evidence of any exploitation.

As is often the case with such issues, time will tell as to the true impact this vulnerability has had.

We at Zest Internet take security very seriously and, whilst our Servers do not make use of the OpenSSL libraries, we have performed a compete security audit to ensure everything is okay.

Why not contact us to see how we can help you with security and your ecommerce website.

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