Considering all Devices

For sometime now the rule when developing a new theme or skin for a website has been mobile first, with bigger devices being considered as you progress, this is the heart and soul of how Responsive Web Design works.

Traditionally this has had little or no real effect on how search engines perceive your site and certainly wouldn’t have affected how the pages on your site rank.

Mobile First

As of the beginning of this year, January 2015, Google have adopted a mobile first approach to ranking pages on websites. Google have for sometime used ‘User Experience‘ as a factor in how they rank webpages, the mobile friendly changes applied in January are a logical step.

Google offer a free tool to check how well your site works on mobile why not try your site and see how it behaves.

Not Mobile Friendly, what do I do?

Chances are, if your site is not mobile friendly then you will more than certainly have noticed a drop in traffic to your website, and possibly even seen a drop in revenue as well.

Don’t panic, we at Zest Internet have been building responsive websites for some years and would be happy to rebuild your site so that it will work on all devices and is optimized for search engines.

Why not give us a call here at Zest Internet to see how we can help you get your site working properly and help boast page ranking.